5 Best Escape Room Games to Play at Home

During the period of health emergency and confinement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all had to face awful situations. It caused us to give up on the little pleasures we so looked forward to in life. It seems like a different life when we could hang out with our friends in our favorite cafes and plan weekend getaways with our families.  

But the world today has witnessed a shift to a virtual model in almost everything of consequence. Schools, colleges, offices, almost every essential occupation have found a means to sustain themselves in the virtual world. And that holds true for fun activities as well! There has been a dramatic increase in the number of restaurants offering home delivery. Even spa and beauty services can now be home-booked! 

With life finding a little stability in the virtual realm, those little pleasures are finally becoming more accessible to us. So now, even if you can’t have a day out with your friends in the best escape rooms in Bangalore, you can delve into escapades right from the comfort of your homes. Take a look at this list of escape room games you can play from your homes. 

1. Exit: The Game Series

Exit: The Game features one of the most comprehensive collections of home escape room games.  One feature that distinguishes them from other game developers is that they rate the complexity of their games on a scale of one to four, with each level giving three distinct experiences. Those who have never done an escape room before or who find puzzles difficult should begin with the novice level, which includes three thrilling encounters. Prepare to be trapped on a scary roller coaster, sent soaring into a storm in a crashed plane, or find your way out of a locked mansion abandoned for generations.

 Those who seek a harder challenge try The Game’s intermediate level. You could get stuck inside Florence’s Natural History Museum after it has closed down! Or get shipwrecked and stranded on a long-forgotten island or volunteer for a lab experiment that goes horribly wrong in this level’s three experiences!  

Exit: The Game’s advanced category allows players to enter one of three heart-pounding adventures: uncovering a thief on a Mississippi riverboat tour in 1872; evacuating a research center at the North Pole before you freeze to death, or participating in your host’s macabre game as a visitor in a terrifying mansion.  

The game’s final and most difficult level is true “Expert” here; you can choose to solve a murder case on the Orient Express, uncover a pharaoh’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings, or rescue a friend from the terrifying tunnels beneath Paris!  

2. Unlock!

Players in the Unlock! Series of escape room games solve puzzles using a combination of cards and a free companion app. Using only cards and the occasional input from your phone or tablet via its companion app, it conjures an escape room right at your table! It’s easy to pretend you’re looking for clues in a physical area as you frantically shuffle through the deck and peer intently at cards for hidden numbers.

It comes very close to an actual escape room experience when the door eventually swings wide to expose a whole new room.   Unlock! is a good place to start if you’re new to escape room games. The games are usually shorter adventures, but they’re a terrific opportunity to experience the thrill of escape games!  

3. Escape Room in a Box

This board game series from Mattel knows how to appeal to a wide audience. It has some hilariously bizarre options, such as a retro flashback theme in which you defeat a mad scientist, a Walking Dead theme in which you put your zombie survival skills to the test, and a werewolf theme in which you only have 90 minutes before you turn into a werewolf yourself. Connecting with Amazon’s Alexa for hints, a timer, and a specified soundtrack is another fantastic feature. 

4. Escape Room: The Game

The riddles in Escape Room revolve around entering codes into the spectacular computerized “Chrono Decoder.”   The pack has three rooms, each of which demands you to crack three codes in an hour. This can be accomplished by inserting the right plastic keys into the decoder from an array of different keys. The games’ structure allows each player to work on a different component at the same time without stepping on each other’s toes or encountering a progress-gated dead end. And thus, ‘the game’ is ideal for larger groups.  

5. Deckscape

A lightweight, portable escape room game with a classic storybook feel. Deckscape uses a deck of cards to create an escape room experience for its players. The game contains puzzle cards, each of which holds relevant information as well as a question that the players are supposed to answer. You simply flip the card over to discover if you were correct once you think you’ve figured out the answer. 

Any erroneous response is recorded down as you go, and at the conclusion, a two-minute penalty is added to your score. This eliminates the aggravation of getting stuck on a single task, resulting in a more linear and story-driven escape room experience with twists and branching story decisions, as well as different endings.  


In the stressful times that we live in today, escape room games can be a much-needed break from the daily monotony and stress of work and studies. They can also be the perfect way to spend some quality time with your family. The games listed here help bring a close-to-life escape room experience for their players to the convenience and safety of their homes. Try them out with your friends and family for a refreshing “escape” from your daily schedules.







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