7 Little Known Snack Video Features

snack video

The features in social media applications are not only sweeteners, but can help users to improve the quality of their content and generate engagement, such as the SnackVideo feature.

One of the social media applications that has contemporary features is SnackVideo. The short video platform created by Kuaishou Technology makes it easy for users by providing a variety of useful features.

However, of the many features available in SnackVideo, it turns out that there are seven features that are not widely known but are very useful for maximizing the use of applications in content creation. What are those features? Check it out below.

7 SnackVideo Features You Should Know


SnackVideo is a platform that emphasizes the spirit of inclusiveness and communality. From there, SnackVideo users can help each other, especially for those who live in the same area or are close together.

One way to show those two passions is with this nearby feature. Through this feature, users can enjoy various videos from other users around them. That way, each user can support each other and interact with users around their environment.


The withdraw feature allows users to withdraw the rewards obtained from video uploads. The rewards themselves can be withdrawn to multiple digital wallets.

To get rewards, users can upload quality original video content consistently. The better the video content, the more likes, comments, and shares, the more rewards you will get.


This template feature really makes it easy for novice content creators to create engaging videos. Through this template feature, content creators can create various videos by following existing examples (templates).

From there, the video content created by the creator can be adjusted automatically with the available templates.


This private feature allows content creators to save videos for their own consumption only. That way, followers or other users can’t see videos that have been set private by content creators.

This feature is useful because it can make it easier for content creators to revisit content to be published. Is it appropriate or not with what you want to be shown to the public.

My Favorites

My Favorites is a feature that can store various kinds of things that are liked by users. Of course, not only content or profiles can be saved, but also hashtags, music, effects, and templates.

From here, content creators can easily reuse available effects, music, or templates to create content in the future.


This zodiac feature is unique because it allows users to display the zodiac in their respective personal profiles. Through this feature, content creators who are really focused on the zodiac can get to know their audience better.

Ask for New Post

This feature is one way to increase the connection between users and content creators. Through this feature, users can request content creators to create new content with a specific theme.

Not only that, this feature also allows content creators to see what kind of content their followers have requested. That way, content creators can answer the needs of their respective audiences.

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