7 Ways to Overcome Android that Can’t Connect to WiFi

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Your Android cellphone (HP) can’t be connected to WiFi? There are several ways you can do to check for problems on your Android. By identifying the problem, you can try 7 ways to solve Android that can’t connect to WiFi.

Make sure your Android WiFi connection is on

Is the Wi-Fi connection dead? This usually happens by accident, but it happens quite often. Naturally, because you can activate Wi-Fi on Android easily via a widget in the notification panel.

And vice versa, Wi-Fi can be accidentally disabled without your knowledge. To make sure, you can also check if your Android phone is in airplane mode. When airplane mode is active, the Wi-Fi mode will turn off so you will not be able to use the internet connection.

Check network usage with correct password

Have you selected the network connection by typing the appropriate password? Connection issues may occur because you are connected to the wrong network. This can happen when multiple networks come from the same ISP. Also make sure you have typed the right password with the correct capitalization sensitivity.

It could also be that the owner of the Wi-Fi router has updated the device password. Therefore, immediately update the router password.

Restart your Android phone

If your Android phone has not been turned off or restarted for a long time, the running system may crash. Each update, web page opened, and running applications will add various codes on Android. As a result, the accumulation of the code can make the HP crash.

So, how to remove these codes? One way is to restart the HP.

Well, this can also apply to Wi-Fi. There could be a code that crashes the Wi-Fi system on the cellphone. Therefore, restarting your Android phone is highly recommended.

Reboot router device

It is possible that the router function on Android is causing the WiFi connection problem. To fix this, unplug the router from the wall outlet, then wait at least 30 seconds before you plug it back in. After that, you need to wait a minute or two for the router to restart. After the router is turned on, you can reconnect your Android to the WiFi network.

Can it turn on already? If not, do the two points below.

Reconnect with ‘Forget network’

How is it set? This usually happens when you have activated the automatic connection function (automatically connect) on certain WiFi connections. In this case, you have to disconnect your WiFi network with Android, to be able to reconnect.

You can find this setting in the Settings menu > Wi-Fi > then you can select a previously connected WiFi network. A new window will appear on the screen with a “Forget” button to disconnect the WiFi connection. If so, repeat the network login process by retyping the WiFi network password.

Do a factory reset

If the steps above have not succeeded in solving the WiFi connectivity problem on your Android device, another option that can be done is to try a factory reset. This setting will get rid of all the bugs on Android that might be causing WiFi connection issues.

To do this step, the steps are not difficult and can be done quickly. However, a factory reset will delete all data (images, apps, and documents) from your Android phone. So, before choosing this menu, make sure you have backed up your data.

Make sure the Wi-Fi router is not full

Wi-Fi routers cannot accommodate unlimited devices, aka there are limits. Therefore, open your router device settings.

See how many devices are connected to the router. If there are many, delete or “kick” gadgets that are not used.

So, can you connect again with your WiFi?

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