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  • Common Cybersecurity Issues in Organization

    Common Cybersecurity Issues in Organization

    Cybersecurity attacks are a growing concern for individuals, businesses, and governments around the world. These attacks can take many forms, from stealing personal information to disrupting critical infrastructure, and can have serious consequences for those affected. One of the most common types of cybersecurity attack is phishing. This occurs when an attacker sends an email […]

  • How to Prevent Data Leaking Into the Dark Web

    How to Prevent Data Leaking Into the Dark Web

    One of the most common types of data leaks is a data breach, which occurs when hackers gain unauthorized access to a company’s systems and steal sensitive information. This can include personal data such as names, addresses, and financial information, as well as confidential business information. Data breaches can have significant financial consequences for companies, […]

  • Why You Need Access Control Readers

    Why You Need Access Control Readers

    Just as a home needs a front door with a lock to keep unwanted guests, businesses need access control readers to restrict entry to authorized personnel. These readers are an essential part of any security system and can help ensure that only those who are supposed to be in the building can gain entry. They […]

  • Splunk Ssl Certificate_Verify_Failed

    Splunk Ssl Certificate_Verify_Failed

    When you click on event action button in splunk, you will see connectivity error with ssl: File c:\python27\lib\, line 840, in do_handshake self._sslobj.do_handshake() ssl.sslerror: File c:\python27\lib\, line 840, in do_handshake self._sslobj.do_handshake() ssl.sslerror: Why am i getting a ssl: Which versions of python, the python sdk, and splunk are you using? 2 from File c:\python27\lib\, line […]

  • Digicert Validation

    Digicert Validation

    In order to ascertain that all ssl certificates are sold to legally qualified . For ov and ev certificate orders, industry standards require digicert to validate the organization . Before digicert can issue any type of certificate, the certificate order must go through a validation process. How does digicert authenticate my domain? Csr creation · ssl certificate […]

  • Splunk Ssl Certificate Expired

    Splunk Ssl Certificate Expired

    The certificate fails to match. Note that this module was called openssl_certificate when included directly in ansible up to version 2.9. It uses the cryptography python library to interact with openssl. Ascii characters only (characters found on a standard us keyboard); 2 days ago · docker splunk bash terminal function display all arguments the term 'nuget' […]

  • Cert Validation

    Cert Validation

    Geocerts' use of cookiesgeocerts uses cookies to enhance your experience, to display customized content in accordance with your browser settings, and to help us . Chrome has made it simple for any site visitor to get certificate information with just a few clicks: Validation itself is a scary word. Use ssl certificate decoder tool to instantly […]

  • Ssl Certificate For Localhost

    Ssl Certificate For Localhost

    For example, if you've created a certificate for localhost that is. Test in a browser and . Os x will tell you that a self signed certificate doesn't provide the security guarantee . Ssl certificates can work for localhost. Generate a ca certificate · step 2: Iis Ssl On Iis8 5 Working With Named Url But Localhost […]

  • Ssl Chain Certificate

    Ssl Chain Certificate

    Root cas are a trusted source of . Here's what to know about . The ssl certificate chain consists of multiple certificates and helps to establish trust with browsers and clients. Cert spotter monitors your entire ssl certificate portfolio and alerts you about security and availability problems like incorrect certificate chains and . Certificate chain (or chain of […]

  • Ssl Pinning Ios Swift Urlsession

    Ssl Pinning Ios Swift Urlsession

    If networking in your app uses nsurlsession . So, thanks to the use of delegate in urlsession we will be able to automatic trigger the above method. Ssl pinning for preventing man in middle attack. If the public key will match the one of . Just define a delegate class for nsurlsessiondelegate and implement the didreceivechallenge function […]