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  • Google Accused of Deceiving Users About Location Data

    A new lawsuit against Google was filed by four attorneys general alleging Google made users’ location data “nearly impossible” untracked, even though users were able to control privacy information through Google account settings. The allegation cites events that occurred in 2014. The lawsuit is expected to be filed in Texas, Washington, Indiana and the District […]

  • 7 Little Known Snack Video Features

    The features in social media applications are not only sweeteners, but can help users to improve the quality of their content and generate engagement, such as the SnackVideo feature. One of the social media applications that has contemporary features is SnackVideo. The short video platform created by Kuaishou Technology makes it easy for users by […]

  • Instagram Tries New Feature Lets Users Edit Profile

    Instagram is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow users to rearrange posts on their profiles. This feature is currently under development, but leaker, Alessandro Paluzzi managed to enable it before launch. And it gives a glimpse of what the feature will look like when it’s released. In a recent tweet, Paluzzi shared […]

  • Android 13 Brings the Tap to Transfer Feature, What’s the Use?

    A possible feature of Android 13 could be a “Tap to Transfer” system, which can make it easier for users to pass media control, for example, when connecting a smartphone to a smart speaker. In 2022, maybe the Android 12 operating system still looks very fresh among smartphone users, but news of the features that […]

  • Prevent Pixel Import Ban, Google Changes Its Nest Speaker

    This week the International Trade Commission (ITC) issued a limited exemption order on Google for violating five patents held by speaker manufacturer Sonos. The ITC also enforces a stop order on Google. Devices that may be prohibited from being imported into the US include Nest speakers, Chromecast devices, and Pixel smartphones. Google is making some […]

  • Easy Ways To Increase Instagram Followers

    Instagram is an excellent platform to increase your business presence on social media. In addition, this platform can also create audience engagement, drive profitable visitor traffic, and increase conversions. Having a large number of Instagram followers certainly makes you more recognizable and popular. Not only that, your posts also have the opportunity to get more […]

  • How to Use Instagram on a Laptop or PC

    The web version of Instagram is getting closer to the app. Now, various important features in the Instagram application can be used on Instagram Web. Some important features of Instagram that can also be tested on the Web version are updating feeds using photos or videos, sending DMs, placing comments, and watching Stories. This is […]

  • Get to know WhatsApp Aero, is it safe to use?

    Lately, the name WhatsApp Aero is being talked about. Many are looking for ways to download WhatsApp Aero, as well as the latest WhatsApp Aero APK. So, what exactly is WhatsApp Aero? What is the difference between WhatsApp Aero and the regular version of WhatsApp? How to download WhatsApp Aero? Is it dangerous to download […]

  • 9 Recommended Cheapest Cellphones With NFC Features

    9 Recommended Cheapest Cellphones With NFC Features

    Technological developments always bring new changes from time to time. One of the latest technologies embedded in mobile phones is the NFC feature. Well, because of this, many people are looking for the cheapest cellphone references with the NFC feature. If you are one of those people who wants a cheap cellphone and has been […]

  • 10 Best IOS Drawing Apps You Can Try

    10 Best IOS Drawing Apps You Can Try

    In an era that is increasingly developing, there are many media that we can use to channel the hobbies and talents of users. In addition, it takes a few tricks and tools that can help improve image quality. One of them is by using the best iOS image application. Drawing is a very rewarding hobby. […]