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  • Android 13 Officially Uses the Tiramisu Name, Check Out Some of the Features

    Google has finally officially revealed the code name for the Android 13 operating system, Tiramisu. As per tradition, Android 13 also uses the names of sweet foods (desserts). In accordance with previous leaks, Google officially uses the name Tiramisu as the code name for Android 13. The name Tiramisu on Android 13 was confirmed from […]

  • Android 13 Brings the Tap to Transfer Feature, What’s the Use?

    A possible feature of Android 13 could be a “Tap to Transfer” system, which can make it easier for users to pass media control, for example, when connecting a smartphone to a smart speaker. In 2022, maybe the Android 12 operating system still looks very fresh among smartphone users, but news of the features that […]

  • 7 Ways to Overcome Android that Can’t Connect to WiFi

    Your Android cellphone (HP) can’t be connected to WiFi? There are several ways you can do to check for problems on your Android. By identifying the problem, you can try 7 ways to solve Android that can’t connect to WiFi. Make sure your Android WiFi connection is on Is the Wi-Fi connection dead? This usually […]

  • 9 Recommended Cheapest Cellphones With NFC Features

    Technological developments always bring new changes from time to time. One of the latest technologies embedded in mobile phones is the NFC feature. Well, because of this, many people are looking for the cheapest cellphone references with the NFC feature. If you are one of those people who wants a cheap cellphone and has been […]

  • 11 Mobile Phones With Long Battery Life

    Having a cellphone with a long-lasting battery is the dream of many people. The more activities and applications there are on the cellphone, the first thing to consider before buying it is the battery capacity. That way, you don’t have to bother carrying a power bank or getting confused when there’s no charger plug. Because […]

  • Samsung Galaxy BTS Edition

    Samsung Galaxy BTS edition is the high-end smartphone from Samsung that offers features and functions that one would find in a top smartphone. It comes with features such as high-end processors, high resolution camera, and high quality cameras, and a host of other features such as multi-tasking facility, internet facility, and MMS feature. The Samsung […]

  • The Best Android Phone For Performance And Portability

    The best Android phone deserves the title of “best” because it represents the best of the best technology that is available today for cell phones. The new Android operating system is the most advanced mobile operating system available. The new phones come with many innovative features, which make them unique in comparison with other traditional […]