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  • Spotify Tests New TikTok-like Visual for Podcast Discovery

    Spotify has really been trying to up its podcast game lately. And the new feature the app is testing is the latest addition Spotify has made for podcast listeners on its platform. Android Central now reports that Spotify is testing a TikTok-like discovery page for podcasts. The popular music streaming service now seems to be […]

  • WhatsApp Improves Voice Message Experience with 6 New Features

    As people start using voice message more and more, apps like WhatsApp have to improve the experience their service provides. Initially introduced in 2013, the WhatsApp voice message service hasn’t grown too much, despite its growing user base. Today, WhatsApp announced plans to improve the voice messaging experience on its platform with the addition of […]

  • How to Use Instagram on a Laptop or PC

    The web version of Instagram is getting closer to the app. Now, various important features in the Instagram application can be used on Instagram Web. Some important features of Instagram that can also be tested on the Web version are updating feeds using photos or videos, sending DMs, placing comments, and watching Stories. This is […]

  • Get to know WhatsApp Aero, is it safe to use?

    Lately, the name WhatsApp Aero is being talked about. Many are looking for ways to download WhatsApp Aero, as well as the latest WhatsApp Aero APK. So, what exactly is WhatsApp Aero? What is the difference between WhatsApp Aero and the regular version of WhatsApp? How to download WhatsApp Aero? Is it dangerous to download […]

  • Easy Ways to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Chats

    You are probably already familiar with the Whatsapp application. Now, almost all smartphone users must have Whatsapp. This application is an application that replaces the way we communicate. SMS and phone calls that used to be made, are now replaced by the application from Facebook. Interestingly, WhatsApp does not only provide the ability to share […]

  • 10 Best IOS Drawing Apps You Can Try

    In an era that is increasingly developing, there are many media that we can use to channel the hobbies and talents of users. In addition, it takes a few tricks and tools that can help improve image quality. One of them is by using the best iOS image application. Drawing is a very rewarding hobby. […]

  • 12 Most Recommended Best Android Photo Apps

    For those of you who like photos for just documentation and also indeed a hobby in taking pictures, you will probably be very familiar with some of the best Android photo applications. In the era of technology that is increasingly developing, any application is available on your smartphone. The cameras on smartphones today are already […]