Easy Ways To Increase Instagram Followers


Instagram is an excellent platform to increase your business presence on social media. In addition, this platform can also create audience engagement, drive profitable visitor traffic, and increase conversions.

Having a large number of Instagram followers certainly makes you more recognizable and popular. Not only that, your posts also have the opportunity to get more “likes”, thereby attracting various advertisers.

If you have an Instagram business account, the number of followers will significantly affect the sales of your business’s products or services. Not only that, the product or service you offer will certainly get more “likes” so that it can increase the chances of getting more clients.

Having more followers provides an opportunity to influence and create a significant impact, as well as build higher credibility.

Adding your website link to your Instagram bio can also get you more clicks and also help increase your website viewer. Below are easy ways to increase your Instagram followers.

Buy Followers

Buying Instagram followers from a reliable and trusted vendor like Famoid will earn you real or real followers, thus being able to provide an organic boost to your Instagram page, including value for money gains.

You can also decide whether you want to buy a large number of followers or only a small number. Given the many fake Instagram vendors on the market, it’s a good idea to do a thorough market research to make sure you don’t lose money and the confidentiality of your data is guaranteed.

Optimize Your Profile

An optimized Instagram profile can tell potential followers who you are, what you do, and what actions people want to take after visiting your profile. Keep your account name friendly when searching and avoid adding special characters to it.

You may also consider keeping your username consistent with any other social media accounts you may have. To optimize your account, we recommend developing and following an Instagram marketing strategy.

Schedule Your Posts In Advance

If Instagram’s algorithms can show users whatever content they like, then on the other hand posting content at the ideal time can make your posts more visible, and can increase overall user engagement.

Plus, scheduling your posts in advance makes it easier for your team to see your campaigns and schedule, and ensures a consistent flow of content.

Create a Custom Hashtag

Custom Hashtags or Brand Hashtags, allow you to create the best content. You can also use brand hashtags per Instagram marketing campaign instead of using your business account name.

By using campaign hashtags, you can attract connected users to get involved, which will increase your chances of attracting more followers.

Be consistent with posts

Failure to maintain a consistent content calendar will make it easy for followers to forget you. However, a regular schedule of posting up to several times a day will keep you in the minds of your followers.

Knowing a limit to the number of posts you can publish in a day can also help you avoid spam. Maintaining a content posting schedule ensures a consistent experience for your followers and keeps them loyal to your followers.

Post Content Your Followers Want To See

Knowing what content your followers want to see can be challenging. However, learning about them will help your posts appear better and more attractive.

Be aware of Instagram trends to ensure you post popular content. You can also invest in using Instagram analytics tools to easily track, analyze and compare your content. Looking at the performance of your previous posts will give you an idea of ​​what works best for your audience.

As Instagram’s popularity continues to grow, getting more followers can certainly increase your reach. Use the tips above to increase your Instagram followers.

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