How E Quran Academy benifits Muslim students?


It is the most common concern for Muslim students in foreign countries that how they can learn Quran. Here we have introduced a complete guide that How online Quran education benefits students and Muslim students can learn easily with e quran learning Online. Here are some Benefits of E Quran Learning for Muslim Students.

1) Easy to Access

Life is busy nowadays and in E Quran education, online tutors are accessible for students at specified hours.As compared to Physical education, students can easily access the class by just opening their laptop or mobile within minutes and start learning and start their class. Students can learn from the home comfort.

To Access the class, students only need a medium to connect with the teacher like Zoom, Google Meets and some other software.

2) Choice of Quran Academy

In Spite of going to a specified place to learn the Quran, In Online Quran education, students have a bunch of options to choose the Quran Academy according to their choice. According to the student’s aptitude and choice, students have the option and accessibility to change the academy if he/she is not satisfied with that Institute and it is the best option for the students. 

Every Academy tries to give the best service and in that competitive environment, students get the benefit of Quality education.

3) Individual Classes

In separate classes, students can get the full attention of their teacher as compared to the physical class where multiple students present in a single class and the teacher diverts his attention to the multiple students at a time.

In Online Quran Classes, the teacher gave his complete focus to the single student and in that way the student learns more and in a better way. It is better for students to learn step by step and in a more comprehensive way.

4) Choice of Teachers

In E Quran Education, a student can choose his own Quran teacher according to his choice. In physical institutes, a teacher presents to the students and also students has no choice other than that teacher. In contrast, students have the opportunity to choose and change the Quran teacher according to his taste and choice.

Students can choose the teacher who is more qualified and matches the students mind and taste. Also in Online teacher, there are many qualified teachers available tto teach the students in a better way from multiple countries.

5) Time Flexibility

In physical Quran education, student must follow a routine of the institute. But in Online Quran learning, student have the opportunity to manage and select a time schedule according to his availability and ask the teacher to take classes at that specified time. Also Online Quran education can also reduce cost of travel and saves time for travelling with Quality education.

It is the best option for students with time management, also student can real and learn their lesson before the next class, there is a proper time.

6) Security

It is the most common concern of parents that how Teachers treat their childrens. In Online Education, Student also learn in the presence of their parents’ presence and eyes, so Parents also know what their children do and what is the progress of their children.

It can also help parents to track their children’s record and also Teacher gives extra attention when he knows that the parents also keep an eye on the record. Also, it also reduce the issue like harassement and child abuse as student is learning from online medium and not attending any physical class.

7) Interactive Lessons

In most online Quran Academies, they have a proper plan for the students and they take the students from the initial step and then move according to student ability and learning capability. They teach students with Interactive lessons and real life examples and in that way students understand in a better way and learn fast.

In physical Online Quran class, the teacher takes all students in the same way and no individual effort is given to the student and in that way, students learn less.

8) Affordability

Online Quran learning is also affordable for the parents and students. There is competition between different Quran academies that gives the environment of Competition and in that way Academies reduce the fees with Quality education to get more students. 

It’s also a huge benefit for parents that they get a quality education at a reasonable fee. The reason for the lower fee is that there is no cost of travel and fuel for both teacher and student. 

9) Regularity

In traditional physical classes, most of the time the student feels hectic to go outside home OR the teacher goes anywhere else. But in Online Quran classes, it is the prevission that when a schedule sets for both the student and teacher, they take their classes regularly as the class is only from some clicks away and students happily get classes without any problem

Also after some time, student and teacher creates a relation of care, respect and mutual collaboration.

10) Global

In Online Quran learning, student have the option to choose any country tutor and any teaching method with world class teachers as the Internet is global and student have the opportunity to choose any teacher according to his choice.  But in physical education, student have no option to switch a teacher as there are only a few teachers accessible to the range.


Is it a good idea to learn the Quran online?

Yes, It is a better option to learn the Quran from an online teaching method as it gives you flexibility of time, more control on selection of teachers and 1 – 1 classes option.

Wind up:

We have discussed different aspects of Online Quran learning and also compared it with Physical education. In conclusion, Online Quran education is much better for foreign student as it is more convenient, easy, interactive and affordable.

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