Instagram Tries New Feature Lets Users Edit Profile


Instagram is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow users to rearrange posts on their profiles. This feature is currently under development, but leaker, Alessandro Paluzzi managed to enable it before launch.

And it gives a glimpse of what the feature will look like when it’s released.

In a recent tweet, Paluzzi shared two screenshots showcasing the new feature.

As Paluzzi pointed out, this feature in Meta’s social media application will be available in the menu, Profile Information. When you select “Edit Grid,” Instagram will show a Drag and drop to reorder message.

The Home setting refers to the view of the Instagram feed that users are most familiar with. Where, feeds are displayed based on Instagram’s predictions of what will be considered interesting or according to user interests.

Next up is the Favorites feed, which will be populated with content from a user-selected subset of accounts. Mosseri says he uses this feed for siblings, certain content creators and friends.

Lastly is the Following feed, which is organized according to the chronology of the accounts followed by a user.

Paluzzi said users will be able to reposition posts freely as they wish.

Instead of deleting unwanted photos because they are unattractive or look inappropriate in the feed, users can simply rearrange the posts,” he explained.

Currently, Instagram has not shared any details about this feature. But expect the company to reveal more information when the feature is ready to roll out.

It’s worth noting that since this feature is still in the early stages of development, it may take a while before it rolls out to beta testers.

Along with the new grid profile editing feature, Instagram has also started testing a new version of its Feeds, which will allow users to switch between chronologically and algorithmically ordered feeds.

The return of the timeline feed feature has been announced by Instagram leader Adam Mosseri, who shared plans to restore the timeline feed in December during a hearing on issues regarding Instagram’s impact on the mental health of teenagers and children.

In his latest comments, Mosseri said that Instagram will soon allow users to switch between three different feeds: homepage, favorites and following.

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