Iphone 13 is Selling Well, Records 40 million Units Sold

iphone 13

After Apple officially launched the iPhone 13 product series, it has sold quite well all over the world, because there were 40 million units that were selling well in the global market during the Nataru holiday period.

Whereas previously it was predicted by experts that sales of the iPhone 13 would weaken during the 2021 Christmas holidays and the new year of 2022. But in the end this estimate was overturned by data which noted that there were 40 million units that were successfully sold.

This record was achieved only from the Christmas and New Year’s holiday period, which information from MacRumours, obtained from Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives said sales of the iPhone 13 during the Nataru holiday period touched 40 million units.

Daniel Ives as an analyst also emphasized that the tempo of sales and demand for the iPhone 13 will be even faster in 2022. He also revealed that Apple has succeeded in overcoming the problem of scarcity of supply for the iPhone 13. Therefore, it is one of the keys to Apple’s success in selling its smartphone products.

Thanks to Apple’s success in selling the iPhone 13, it is also predicted that Apple will soon reach a market share of 3 trillion. For your information, Apple just became the first public company in the world to reach 3 trillion market share yesterday.

Furthermore, Apple’s success in the global market is also due to the smartphone market in China which has experienced a drastic increase, because it is recorded that iPhone 13 and 12 devices are still being sought, therefore the Chinese market will become a benchmark for future iPhone products.

Therefore, it is very likely that more iPhone units sold in China will be given the high enthusiasm of local residents for Apple’s products.

The analyst predicts that iPhone 13 sales will continue to grow in 2022, due to the success of tech companies that can’t keep up with demand in Q4 2021.

Demand exceeded supply by 12 million units in the last quarter. Therefore, the supply will decrease in the next two quarters (Q1 2022 and Q2 2022) until the scarcity reduces in H1 2022.

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