Know The 6 Features Of Movie Explorer Pro That Enhances The Movie-Watching Experience

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Movie Explorer Pro for Mac is one of the most incredible ways to explore and catalog your digital movie files and Blu-ray discs. Then, after you have indexed your massive movie collection, you can open yourself to a world of possibilities and take your movie-watching experience to the next level.

Thanks to this app, movie fanatics can peruse the fantastic thumbnail views of the movies and select the ones they wish to watch. You can also enjoy high-resolution movie stills and original poster artwork of your favorite movies. If you are a voracious movie watcher, it will help to mark the movies as watched and add others to your Watchlist. Furthermore, you can add smart filters to the sidebar according to complex or straightforward criteria so you can quickly find the movie title you seek.

Movie Explorer Pro offers complete Blu-ray support, including 4K Ultra HD discs, 3D Blu-rays, and even HD DVDs and old DVDs. In addition, you can quickly catalog your discs by scanning their barcode, using an external scanner, or using the internal FaceTime camera. Read along to know some more features of the app that make it ideal for movie lovers to install it on their Mac.

You can create your movie collection and optimize it

Movie Explorer Pro’s List feature enables you to organize your movie collection and define it. You can create a List of movies you like, and it will be displayed on the app’s sidebar. The List is ready to be filled, and you can add movies or even episodes from TV shows by using the simple drag-and-drop function. Movies can be added from the Movies View, actors from the Cast View, episodes from the TV Shows View, etc.

It will only take you a few minutes to create and optimize your movie collection so you can enjoy a seamless movie-watching experience. When you have your movies collection at your fingertips, you will waste less time on movie nights searching for movies to watch with your loved ones.

Create your advanced filters to simplify the search

The app has a Queries feature that allows users to create customized smart sidebar filters. You can create filters utilizing an extensive range of selection criteria. The Query editor allows users to choose and combine multiple conditions and criteria. When working with this editor, you can hit Enter to check the filer result.

The Saves Queries are quickly added to the sidebar so you can get instant access. Moreover, you can assign personalized icons to the filters, so they are easily recognizable. Finally, you can edit a Query to suit your specific conditions and criteria in the future.

You can export the Queries to HTML, PDF, and CSV files.

Quickly view your TV show files in thumbnails in the TV Shows View

The TV Shows View feature of the app lets you view all your favorite TV show files as thumbnails. The thumbnails are resizable, and they are all grouped and filtered according to the show, episode, and season.

By clicking on the TV Shows sidebar, you can quickly navigate through your favorite shows. You can even search for your TV shows according to the season or episodes.

Get all your movie information at your fingertips with the smart cataloging feature

Movie Explorer Pro helps scan all your digital movie files and TV show files. After scanning, the app will map them to the cinema titles or TV show titles using smart filename analysis. Also, it takes help from The Movie Database and uses the information found there. Therefore, you get a movie collection with beautiful thumbnails and all the information regarding the movie. For instance, the thumbnails are beautifully rendered, and you can know the IMDB rating of the movie before watching it. You can even enjoy the artwork and adjust the interface according to your preference.

The interface is fully customizable, and you can adjust the thumbnail size, sort the movie titles as you prefer, and even switch between original or localized title displays. In addition, you can choose to display the IMDB or personal rating of the film.

Know the movie’s cast in Cast View before you hit play

Are you in the mood to watch a movie or TV show featuring your favorite actor? Whether you want to watch the movie of a specific actor or wish to know all the movies that the actor has starred in, you can utilize the Cast View option of Movie Explorer Pro. The Cast View will show you all the actors in your collection and the related TV shows and movies.

Share your catalog without a fuss

Do you want to share a selection or the entire catalog? Then, you can quickly export it to CSV, HTML, or PDF files. You can even select between different layouts and use the share button on the toolbar.

If you are yet to experience the magic of movie-watching with Movie Explorer Pro, you don’t know what you are missing. So install it on your device and accentuate your love for movies and TV shows.

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