Spotify Tests New TikTok-like Visual for Podcast Discovery

Spotify has really been trying to up its podcast game lately. And the new feature the app is testing is the latest addition Spotify has made for podcast listeners on its platform.

Android Central now reports that Spotify is testing a TikTok-like discovery page for podcasts. The popular music streaming service now seems to be trying a new tab in the app dedicated to helping you find new podcast shows to enjoy.

The new tab features podcasts in a carousel apparently inspired by the popular video-sharing app TikTok. You can swipe through suggested events in the carousel.

Currently, the app places podcasts on the home page, a row suggesting new episodes or shows that you might find interesting or enjoyable. The latest update that Spotify is testing will bring a unique visual experience to podcast discovery in a new tab.

Some users have noticed a new Podcasts tab added to their bottom bar in the app. Tapping on it takes you to a TikTok-like experience, which plays a randomly selected podcast episode. Swiping up gives you access to other random episodes of random shows that the app might like.

Perhaps this appears to be part of the test and not a widely rolled out update, as not everyone has gotten the new visuals yet. At the moment, it’s unknown when (or even if) Spotify will roll out this new podcast discovery tab to everyone.

A Spotify spokesperson said the app is regularly testing new features, but they don’t have more news for now. Another exciting aspect of this new discovery tab is that it seems to include automatic captions for the episodes it displays.

Previously, as you probably know, in 2019, Spotify acquired Anchor (a podcast service) and then also acquired Podz in 2021, a service focused on podcast discovery through machine learning.



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