T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Not Working

T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Not Working. Question my wired mouse does not work properly. Usb port drivers can get corrupted, causing a usb mouse not to work.

10 Ridiculously Easy Steps To Solve Mouse Not Working Issue
10 Ridiculously Easy Steps To Solve Mouse Not Working Issue from isisthescientist.com

This may call for the use of a mouse pad or try another computer: Follow the steps below to uninstall and if the mouse no longer works with any computer or the mouse wire is partially cut or frayed, the mouse. This problem has been very frustrating because i have tried multiple mouses and they do not work. For the first couple weeks i had no problem using the mouse on my laptop i've tried using different usb ports and my wireless mouse and touchscreen still work just fine. It works wired however even when it is wired the dpi seems to change while using it randomly although it does not indicate the dpi i would ideally like this returned and replaced as it was working before but there is no contact option other then the forums for this mouse.

Even weirder the wired logitech mouse (the same brand as the wireless one) seems to work fine.

Solved wireless mouse input not working issues on windows 10 in 4 steps: The problem is that my newish sharkk gaming mouse will not work with windows 10, but it will with other windows and i need help getting it fixed. They do indeed function and interact with. That will tell you immediately if the problem lies. If the wireless mouse is not working, try checking it on another computer. Wireless mouse wired gaming mouse wired gaming keyboard aurora axis keyboard wireless mice& keyboard set.

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