The Best Android Phone For Performance And Portability

    The best Android phone deserves the title of “best” because it represents the best of the best technology that is available today for cell phones. The new Android operating system is the most advanced mobile operating system available. The new phones come with many innovative features, which make them unique in comparison with other traditional cell phones. And, best of all, they are very affordable.

    For the best android phones, users should choose one with Google as its primary developer. The best Android phones come with the latest technology and offer users plenty of fun and interesting features. The best Android phones begin at just $899, which offer the thinnest and sharpest screens, the best cameras and cutting edge features such as touch screens and wireless charging. Plus, users can carry their data with them in a secure data card slot hidden inside the battery cover.

    HTC Wildfire

    The HTC Wildfire is one of the best android phone with its sleek design and several useful applications. The phone runs on the Windows CE operating system and is equipped with oneplus e NeoFIT+ body with flexible silicone skin. It offers a 5.5-inch capacitive display and includes a 16 mega-ixels camera with laser focus, optical image stabilization, front flash and auto eye. The phone has one plus age to nine, with no contract, and is water resistant up to a certain depth. The HTC Wildfire runs Windows CE and can be downloaded free on many different websites.

    Samsung Galaxy

    Samsung’s Galaxy S III is another phone that has been called the best android phone by many users. It offers a smooth interface with an advanced virtual keyboard and offers fast performance for every day use. It runs on Windows CE and includes oneplus o and a few other applications such as freeware and media player. The phone is available in four colors, namely white, black, silver and blue, and has a slot to put an insert for the Galaxy S III memory card. The phone has a two-megapixel camera with flash, and is available in white, black and blue.

    Asus Zenfone

    One of the best android phone from Asus is the Zenfone 2.4, which offers a refined and elegant design for a contemporary appeal. This handset features a large and bright Super AMOLED capacitive screen, and offers a spacious viewing area with clear text and viewing comfort. The Zenfone 2.4 has a dual camera arrangement, with the back being the same as the front, and the phone also incorporates a fingerprint scanner for convenience. It has a spacious 2.4-inch Super AMOLED capacitive display, and has built in stereo speakers and a voice dialer.

    Google Nexus

    The Google Nexus S is also one of the best android phones available, and this model offers a unique combination of different components. It is equipped with an aluminum body, and is also furnished with a five mega pixel camera, a high definition camera, and a laser focus dual auto focus, image stabilization and image zoom feature. The HTC Desire HD is another sleek and compact handset that offers high definition cameras, smooth touch screen performance and a high resolution gesture recognition feature. In this respect, the HTC Desire HD comes with a slightly larger and heavier body, and has been given a slight bump in the resolution.

    Samsung Galaxy S

    The best android phone from Samsung is the Galaxy S20 Fe. This handset is equipped with a sliding physical keyboard, and offers a comfortable yet ergonomic keyboard cover. It has been designed to fit gently into a pocket, and has a dual touch fingerprint scanner for security purposes, as well as a 5 mega pixel camera and a high definition camera as standard. The larger lens is ideal for taking pictures of outdoor scenes, and provides a clarity that will make even the most graphic images come alive. A stylus is also available from Samsung, and this enables you to take full advantage of the wide, touch sensitive surface of the screen, and offers superb precision when drawing graphics.

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