Top 5 Websites to Create your Own Personalized Mousepad 2022


Are you working from 9-5? Start your day with your personalized mouse pad to make your morning blessed. You can let any funny photo or family photo on your mousepad.

Personalized mousepads have been recently introduced into the market. They are mat and valuable for any type of mouse ranging from standard to optical. They provide us firm grip and prevent the surfaces from scratching.

Mousepads are often overlooked, but gamers and non-gamers can understand the importance of high-quality mousepads. They provide us high quality cursor movement, which is very important for gamers or any other person.

We spend 10-12 hours daily in front of our pc. So, it should have a catchy look and be more comfortable so that we may sit in front of pc merrily.

This article will proffer you those websites that provide personalized pads. Let’s start the discussion. 

List of Top Websites to Design Your Custom Mousepad

Numerous websites and social media pages are available on the internet for custom mousepads, but most of them are not reliable.

 The following websites provide the best services for making you customize mousepads:

  • Strumace
  • My Custom Mousepad
  • Print your Pad
  • X-Ray Pro Customizations
  • Inked Gaming 


If you are a gamer, You have undoubtedly heard about high Quality Strumace mouse mats.

Now, It’s no wonder to get any gaming artwork or picture on the mousepad because Strumace will provide you with a high-quality personalized mousepad.

Every mousepad comes with a soft material and silky cloth exterior that gives a charming look to our mousepad. The best thing about Strumance is that they offer mousepads of all sizes and thicknesses. They also allow full customization within a small budget.

Suppose you want to get a mousepad of your desire within a low budget. Go the way to Strumance. They also offer thousands of premade designs and gaming artwork, so you may get a mouse pad on your gaming pc theme without applying an effort of design.

#2. My Custom Mousepad

Are you looking to design your mousepad with your picture or artwork? My Custom Mousepad will be recommended. They provide you with a custom mousepad of any size, shape, and color according to your desire.

It needs more effort to make a personalized mousepad with your artwork. My custom mousepad works efficiently to fit all dimensions of the artwork on a mousepad.

My Custom mousepad allows you to add more accessories to your mouse pad like:

  • RGB LED’s
  • Silicon Wrist Rest
  • Wireless Charging Capabilities 

If you are a couch potato and don’t want to design any artwork, don’t worry. My Custom Mousepad has thousands of templates available you just need to choose the design and order the mousepad.

One Drawback of a personalized mousepad is that you can not choose this thickness of mousepad because they came at the standard thickness of 3mm.

Personalized mousepads have satisfactory results, but they are a little expensive compared to the pre-made mousepad. If you are willing to pay some extra money, you can enjoy the experience of a personalized mousepad.

#3. Print your Pad

Print your Pad is similar to My Custom Mousepad because they both deal only in customized mousepads. The great thing about Print your Pad is that you can customize the thickness of your pad concerning your design and desire.

They offer mousepads of different sizes and are responsible for fitting the gaming artwork in every dimension. 

Print your pad deliver moused pad with a silky smooth exterior and non-slippery material.

If you want a high-quality mousepad with the best accessories, Print your Pad will be heaven for you.

#4. X-Ray Pro Customizations

Personalized mousepads are also offered as X-Ray pads and are made to order only.

The great thing about personalized X-rays mousepads is that they are available in all sizes. 

They don’t limit you to the standard shape of the mousepad. They will do it if you have an L shapes desk and want to customize your mousepad. They offer mousepads of any size, shape, and thickness.

X-Ray Pro Customizations is a reliable source because they only deal in personalized mousepads. X-ray pro customization put all its efforts into fitting the artwork’s dimensions. They are a little expensive, and the price varies with the mousepad’s size, shape, and thickness. 

This will be the right place if you want extreme flexibility in your personalized mousepad.

#5. Inked Gaming

Inked Gaming is considered one of the best sources for personalized mousepads because they deal with pre-made and custom-made gaming artwork.

Their primary focus is the mousepad, but they also deal with the other customize things like gaming bags and mat bags.

They offer only standard sizes of Small, Medium, and Large and will fit your artwork or any uploaded picture on it. Each mouse comes with a soft exterior, stitched edges, and a standard thickness of 3mm.

The great thing about them is that they offer help in choosing or designing the artwork for better outcomes, but they will charge extra for this service.

Overall it is the right place to get pre-made or customized mousepads with superior quality.

Which Website is Best for Personalized Mousepads?

According to my personal experience, I will recommend you Strumace because it offers a high-quality mousepad on a low budget. They provide the best services with customized gaming artwork and pre-made designs.

They offer mousepads in every size and thickness, which makes Strumace one step higher than other competitive websites.


Can I add more than one photo on a Personalized mousepad?

No, This product is designed for only one picture. When you find your best photo, upload it to the website to get your personalized mousepad.

Can you paint a mouse pad?

Yes, You can paint your mousepad, but it will affect the experience of smooth mouse movement. Try to avoid paint and go for a personalized mousepad.

Sum Up

If you are a gamer and want to enjoy smooth mouse movement, the mousepad will be your primary need. You can customize your mousepad according to your pc theme. I hope this article will be helpful to you in finding the website for choosing the personalized mousepad. 

We will love to encounter your query in our comment section.

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