Update from Wifi 6, Promise Better “Upload” Performance

wifi 6

There are additional optional features created by the WiFi Alliance that WiFi 6 device developers can take advantage of, in terms of multi-user upload advantages and better power efficiency.

The device’s service upgrade is called WiFi 6 Release 2, Its upload advantage has support for 2.4 GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz, announced this week during CES 2022, the upgrade builds on the foundations laid down by the original Wi-Fi 6 release. with the addition of new features to choose from.

We can expect the feature to start making its way to new Wi-Fi devices released later this year. Because according to a spokesman for the Wifi Alliance, Robinson, the main increase with upload traffic, continues to increase according to the large surge of internet users both at home and in commercial areas.

“A few years ago, you saw ratios in the 10:1 range, meaning you download 10 bits of data for every 1 bit you upload or transmit over your broadband connection. One of the major providers has indicated that the ratio has changed to around 6:1, and they expect that eventually, we will get a 2:1 ratio.” Robinson said.

Therefore WiFi Alliance, make sure to improve performance from WiFi 6 Release 2 for users such as home, commercial, to smart home performance. As this update aims to meet the ever-increasing demand for robust uploads with MU-MIMO uplink, which essentially allows network devices to upload data at the same time on different streams within the user’s network.

Robinson said, one that will help the next generation of Wi-Fi devices adapt to the surge in home network traffic caused by the pandemic, especially as people continue to work and socialize online.

On the efficiency side, Wi-Fi 6 Release 2 upgrades the previous version of Wi-Fi 6 with the addition of features such as target broadcast time, extended time, and special dynamic multi-user multiplexing power saving, all designed to help Wi-Fi devices battery powered saves power when connected to an access point.

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